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Zhe ge Hei Dao You Dian Meng

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Author: Type:Manga

Yue Yao, AKA Bai Fei, is disguised as a man and hiding among the largest underground family in the city — the Ling Family — to become the Young Master’s right-hand person. Using her identity as a ‘brother,’ she became acquainted with the carefree Young Master Ling Ye, until a particular assignment arrives where Ah Fei, who is dressed as a woman, couldn’t resist her own inner desires and kissed Ling Ye while drunk…

Bodyguard In Disguise,
Enamórate De Un Gángster,
Fall In Love With A Gangster,
I’m Fall In Love With A Gangster,
Mi Guardaespaldas No Puede Ser Tan Lindo,
The Underworld Gangster Is A Little Adorable,
Zhè Ge Bǎo Biāo Yǒu Diǎn Méng,
이 조폭은 귀여워

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